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Meet Michelle


makia michelle davies

With ten years’ experience cultivating a strong female-driven community, Michelle brings Heart + Soul to the table, working to inspire women to live well, and to build connections and foster relationships.

As founder of EverythingMom Media Inc., she has combined proven digital strategy skills with her vision of a supportive, mom-based collective, to bring compelling story-telling into the digital spectrum. Six figure revenues evidence Michelle’s ability to leverage insights. A visionary at heart, her experience bonding moms with prominent brands — like Disney, American Express, Best Buy, 3M and LG — aided in the successful launch of the first Canadian vertical advertising network for moms in 2010.

As the main architect of MAKIA Creative, she has collaborated with a wealth of clientele, including: life coaches; consumer-driven companies, like Project Clothing; and larger corporations, like WestJet. Infusing cohesive digital marketing plans with ingenuity, she’s positioned brands’ visual stories to promote visibility, inspire consumer engagement and retention, trigger social media amplification, and positively impact sales.


The name “Makia” comes from the philosophy of Huna, a movement rooted in ancient Hawaiian traditions. At its core, Huna is all about finding harmony within the different levels of consciousness that live inside all of us. Makia (mah-kee-ah) is the concept that energy flows where attention goes. In terms of digital strategy + design, it’s our job to find that right balance of energy to make your projects shine. Check out some other Huna terms , Aloha!


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